Kidnap & Ransom Series II

Kidnap and Ransom II sees Trevor Eve return as international hostage negotiator Dominic King in this 3 x 60 ITV thriller.

Dominic finds himself negotiating for a group of tourists hijacked on a bus in Srinagar, Kashmir, battling against trigger happy police and volatile kidnappers.  He makes a deal but when the kidnappers realise they have highly valuable goods on board, the situation quickly unravels.

Written by Michael Crompton and directed by David Drury, Kidnap and Ransom II also stars Helen Baxendale, Natasha Little, Sharon Small, Madhur Mittal and Kimberley Nixon.  Although set in Kashmir, India, Kidnap and Ransom II was filmed almost entirely on location in Cape Town. It is due to air on 23rd February 2012.